Excellware recomends using a cloud based server, as opposed to one located within your office.  You don't need to worry about power, battery backup devices, high speed internet access, or backup devices when using a server located in the cloud.  In addition, you can change the conguration of memory, disc, even processor speeds with relative ease.  Only pay for what you need.

But if you really prefer a server located in your office, Excellware can provide a Lenovo server to meet your needs.  We can backup your inhouse server to off-site could storage each night, or to a USB drive if preferred.


Desktop Computers

Today, just about any personal computer running Microsoft Windows operating system can be used with Dynamo.  But if you need assistance making the right selection, give us a call and we can recommend an all-in-one, desktop, or tower configuration.



Lenovo makes a wide variety of laptop and tablet computers that are great for the mobile worker, or even as desktop replacements.  Add a second monitor, keyboard, mouse, and docking station for use at the office and on the road.

Dynascan Computers

These small portable, and even wearable, computers are wireless devices that can help increase the efficiency of your warehouse with all instructions received through the display, reducing significantly the paperwork required to receive, put away, ship, and count your inventory.