Excellware uses and sells Servers made by IBM running RedHat Enterprise Linux which has been proven to be a great combination to run Dynamo and FacetPhone.


Desktop Computers

Excellware sells Desktop Computers by Lenovo, the successor to the IBM Personal Systems Group. 

Thin Client Workstations

These workstations are very small.  They can run Dynamo, browse the internet, and access email, and Google Apps for Business.  But there no disc drive, no Windows, no hassle.  Add a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and even a bar code reader for your sales counter.




Lenovo makes a wide variety of laptop and tablet computers that are great for the mobile worker, or even as desktop replacements.  Add a second monitor, keyboard, mouse, and docking station for use at the office and on the road.

Dynascan Computers

These small portable, and even wearable, computers are wireless devices that can help increase the efficiency of your warehouse with all instructions received through the display, reducing significantly the paperwork required to receive, put away, ship, and count your inventory.