Point of Sale


Barcode Scanners

Excellware sells wireless and wired bar code scanners from Honeywell, fomerly Metrologic.  These scanners are very reliable and can read bar codes that aren't of perfect quality.  Barcode Scanners can be used with Dynamo at point-of-sale, purchase order receiving, and physical inventory.

Credit Card Readers

These devices can read the magnetic stripe on the back of credit cards to provide the fastest, and most accurate, customer experience.  Dynamo obtains the card number, expiration date, and cardholder's name from the card.  These devices connect to a USB port on the workstation.

Excellware sells Credit Card Readers from ID Tech which include dual reader models so that the card may be swiped from the front or the back.

Keyboards with Integrated Credit Card Reader

These keyboards include a slot where the credit card can be swiped.  A single USB cable is used.  The keyboard/credit card reader obtains its power from the workstation.