Shipping Interface

Dynamo interfaces with UPS Worldship,
FedEx Ship Manager,
and Endicia for US Postal Service Shipments.


How it Works

All Dynamo shipment documents, including Sales Order Packing Slips for customer shipments, Transfer Order Packing Slips for shipments to your own stores or warehouses, and Vendor Return Packing Slips used when returning product to a vendor, have a bar code on the top of the page. There is a number printed below the bar code.

Using the shipping software provided by UPS, FedEx, and Endicia that runs on a PC, your shipping clerk can scan the bar code with a bar code scanner or manually enter the number printed below the bar code.

The ship-to address, shipment service (Ground, Overnight, Priority Mail, etc.), and billing information (bill shipper, bill recipient, bill third party, etc.) are retrieved from Dynamo and display on the PC monitor. In some cases, especially US Mail shipments, the operator can select packaging options such as one of the Flat Rate boxes or other special services.

If you have an integrated scale, the shipping software reads the weight of the package; otherwise you can enter the weight manually. The shipping software computes the charges, assigns a tracking number, and prints the 4" x 6" shipping label.

The tracking number and shipping costs are sent back to Dynamo. Dynamo can add the shipping costs to a Sales Order and add shipment and package handling charges if desired. Dynamo can also invoice the Sales Order and schedule the invoice for printing or electronic delivery.

Common Carriers

There is a similar process for shipments by Common Carriers. There is a Dynamo Application that allows you to scan or enter the bar code, enter the weight, Pro Number, and shipping class information. Dynamo prints a Bill‑of‑Lading.

The shipment details are also recorded in Dynamo.

Shipment Tracking

Regardless of method of shipment, you can track all shipments from within Dynamo and by using Dynaweb, our online solution for your customers. Without manually entering the tracking number or pro number, Dynamo will launch your browser displaying the shipment tracking information from the shippers web site.