Credit Card Processing


Credit Card Processing

Dynamo supports both integrated and non-integrated credit card processing.


Non-integrated card processing uses stand-alone credit card reading devices, connected either to a phone line or the internet, that include a keyboard for entering the charge amount. These devices are not connected to Dynamo in any way. The risk with non-integrated card processing is that the sales clerk must ensure that exactly the same information is entered into Dynamo as entered into the external device. These devices also print a small receipt that the customer signs when the customer is present.


With Dynamo integrated credit card processing you do not need dedicated credit card processing devices or phone lines.

Create a quicker and better customer experience and obtain the best rate by using a card reader when your customer presents a card in person. Dynamo works with the reader so you don't have to manually enter the card number, expiration date, or card holder's name.

Excellware offers keyboards with credit card readers as well as credit card scanning devices that can be connected to Apple or Windows personal computers. Please view this page or contact us at (440) 866-6893 for additional product details.

The Dynamo Billing Copy of the Sales Receipt/Invoice has a place for the customer to sign if the customer is present. No extra credit card receipt is needed. There is no risk of incorrect data entry on an external device.

Getting Started with Integrated Card Processing

  1. If you do not currently accept credit cards in your business, then you can open what is called a Merchant Account with one of Excellware's Card Processing Partners, First Data or You can apply online with using this link. First Data does not use an online application form but rather will quote rates based on the type of transaction, i.e, Retail/Card Present, Mail Order/Phone Order, or Web based eCommerce, as well as your anticipated volume. Please contact Julia Pastor of First Data at 770-618-6715 to begin this process and let her know that you are using Dynamo by Excellware for your software solution.

  2. If your business already accepts credit cards, then you can ask your Merchant Account representative for the credentials needed to process transactions using either the First Data Global Gateway e4 or The merchant discount fees may be different depending on the processor. Dynamo supports both, so choose the one that has the lowest fees. The Merchant Account representative will either provide security credentials or advise you how to obtain them. 

  3. If your business already accepts credit cards and has a Merchant Account, then you may want to see if opening a Merchant Account with one of Excellware's card processing partners offers you any savings. The credit card processing business is highly competitive and you might be able to obtain lower rates or fees. To find out, follow the steps outlined in option 1 above, by checking out the online rates at, or by contacting First Data by phone. First Data is very competitive and will often provide lower rates and fees. They will want a copy of a recent Credit Card statement which shows fees and discount rates to ensure they provide a competitive quote.

    Note that many Merchant Accounts charge a monthly fee whether or not you use their service. They also may have an early termination fee if you signed a fixed length contract, so before you open a new Merchant Account, be sure you ask your current Merchant Account representative about any fees you might be charged if you stop using or cancel your current Merchant Account.

Regardless of the option selected, the security credentials provided by the card processor need to be entered into Dynamo using Branch Information Maintenance on the CWP menu to enable Integrated Credit Card processing with Dynamo.