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Web Site design assistance and hosting



Excellware provides technical assistance to customers who would like to maintain the content of their web site.

There are many web site Content Management Software (CMS) packages that are used to manage the content of a web site.  Excellware uses and recommends the Concrete5 CMS package as it is easy to learn, easy to use, and is free.  It is a good fit for customers who want to periodically revise the content of their site, but do not have graphic design or other web site development skills in house.  Concrete5 Features.  Excellware can provide the support necessary to help you manange your web site content.

Example Concrete 5 Sites



The overall look and feel of a Concrete5 web site is controlled by its Theme. There are many Themes available, some for free, and others for a nominal cost.  One of the first tasks of setting up a new site is to select the Theme.  Note that with Concrete5 site, you can usually replace the Theme without changing the site content.  This enables you to refresh the site look without much effort.

Here is the link to Concrete5 Themes that are available. 


Excellware can host your web site on a server located at a data center.  We typically use Amazon Web Services to host customer web sites.  We do not recommend using a server located within your office.


Dynaweb is a section of your web site that provides employee, salesmen, and customer access to Dynamo data in real time.  Customers can track recent shipments, view order history, retrieve invoice copies, search inventory, get customer specific pricing and availability.  We are expanding Dynaweb to provide full sales order entry for customer and employees.

Dynaweb is typically installed on either the same server as Dynamo, or the public web site server.  In many cases these applications are all hosted on the same cloud server.