Web Content Filtering



Having access to the internet is crucial to almost every modern business.  The downside is that there are many sites on the internet that, for varying reasons, should not be accessed at work. This is where Excellware can help keep your business safe and productive.  It's your internet connection.  Let us help you protect it.

Productivity - Ever see your employees checking Facebook, Twitter, playing online games, shopping, or doing other non-work activities on company time?  With our services you can swiftly cut access to these time-wasters and keep people focused on the right tasks.

Internet Speed - With multiple devices all using the internet at once, network speeds can sometimes slow to a crawl.  This is especially true with streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, YouTube, etc.  When multiple users stream these services at the same time, the resulting slowdowns can get frustrating.  Block some or all of these domains from being accessed so that internet speeds stay speedy for everyone.

Security -  Many businesses have industry-specific regulations that prevent them from accessing certain material on the internet.  However, without any restricitions in place, employees may be inadvertently failing to comply with these regulations.  Disallowing access to certain sites can also prevent sensitive information from being exported to sites outside of the company.  We make it easy to set up restrictions and block access.

SafetyPeople using your network to access the internet may be visiting sites known to distribute viruses and malware, both of which can potentially stop your business in it's tracks.  Phishing has also become problematic when it leads to employees turning over sensitive information.  Sharing files illegally through peer-to-peer networks can also lead to criminal liability for your company. Blocking these sites is a sure way to prevent your business and your computers from being vulnerable.

Other Features:
No need for constant monitoring.  The service does the work for you.  Custom reports also exist to allow you to see how the internet is being used, and by which devices.

Pricing is only 2-3 dollars per month per user.  What you gain is much more than that.  Contact Excellware today to get started!