Excellware partners with IBM to provide high-quality servers that, like the Energizer Bunny, just keep going, and going, and going.

Today's servers have multiple, high speed, 64-bit, Intel Xeon processors which make Dynamo hum. Coupled with multiple IBM serial-attached-SCSI disc drives, your data is safe as we typically configure the disc drives in 'mirror' so that all information is written to two drives simultaneously. The loss of one drive does not interrupt your business.

Memory capacities continue to go up, yet prices continue to come down. Excellware configures servers with enough memory to insure the fastest response times, even under heavy load.

Each server is configured with a tape drive used to back up your data for protection in case of fire, theft, or hardware failure.

Dynamo runs best using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. But don't let that scare you. We configure and install everything and insulate you from the technical aspects of the operating system. You can concentrate on running your business, not running the server.

If your server is more than 5 years old, give us a call and we'll recommend a new server that will run Dynamo like never before.

A typical small business server includes:

  • IBM tower or rack mount server
  • High speed Intel Xeon processor with multiple cores (internal processors on a chip)
  • 16Gb or more memory
  • Dual high speed disc drives configured as a mirror
  • internal 4mm tape drive for backup
  • dual internal power supplies with 2 power cords so your server can continue to run should one power supply fail
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system

Prices start at $10,000 which includes the hardware, installation, configuration, data transfer, and a 5 year extended maintenance with next-business-day service provided by IBM.