December 2016
Contact Form Scams

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A contact form on your website can be a great way for potential customers to find out more about your products or services. It's also a potential route for scammers to make some cash off of unsuspecting business owners. Posing as someone with buying authority—such as purchase managers or government contractors—these charlatans will usually present an urgent scenario (such as a fire destroying their office) as a reason to purchase a lot of your products as soon as possible. But the deal will eventually go south. You might, for example, at some point be requested by the "customer" to pay shipping fees to one of their non-existent couriers to get them their order next day. If refused, these scammers may attempt to extort under the threat of negative online reviews or even legal action for not fulfilling your end of a changing bargain. Another scenario may involve you shipping products for which you never get paid.

Here are some things to examine to avoid these scams:

  • Is their email domain legit? If the sender's email is something like, this should be seen as a red flag.
  • Does the company exist and have an active website? Most legitimate companies capable of making large purchases will have a website. Visit the site and check whether it has a lack of relevant content or looks hastily made.
  • Does the person work for who they say they do? Contact the company and find out. If they exist and have purchasing power at the organization, the human resources department will certainly be able to identify them.
  • Check spelling and grammar. For numerous reasons, many of these purchase requests originating from a "professional" will be rittled with spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Add a CAPTCHA to your website's contact form. Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) is widely used to ensure that an actual human is performing actions on websites. Adding a CAPTCHA is free and usually very easy to achieve.

April 2014
CryptoLocker Virus Warning

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A new computer virus called CryptoLocker has recently been identified which could cause significant harm to companies and computer users. This virus attempts to encrypt common files (spreadsheets, documents, images, others) on infected computers and shared folders which the computers can access. Once encrypted, the files can neither be accessed nor recovered without paying a ransom. We don't suggest paying this ransom. 

Similar malware has been seen in the past but usually contained only idle threats. This one appears to do exactly as it claims, as it renders files inaccessible. But don't panic – you can take steps to avoid infection and safeguard important files.

General steps to protect your data and reduce exposure to malicious software:

  • Keep all Windows software up to date and and subscribe to automatic updates when possible.
  • Install an anti-virus product from a trusted source and schedule it to run automatically.
  • Make regular backups of important information. Back up to removable media such as tape or an external hard drive.  Better yet, ask us about Google Docs for Business, and never store an important document or email on your PC again.
  • Avoid opening attachments or clicking links in emails unless you know the sender and were expecting it.
    • Ask the person if you are unsure of its validity!
  • Use caution when downloading any files from the Internet
  • Run anti-malware and anti-virus programs regularly.

However, if you do become infected:

  1. Immediately unplug your ethernet cable AND disable your wifi Internet access.
  2. Turn off your computer. You may want to press and hold the power button to turn it off some cases.
  3. Contact someone who can help identify and remove the problem.
  4. Do not pay the ransom.

Click here for more detailed information about what this virus does. Click here for other general tips about avoiding or detecting malware.


May 2014
Excellware begins a monthly newsletter 

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Anyone on our email contact list will now be able to receive a newsletter sent out on the first Monday of each month. The newsletter will contain information about Excellware, Dynamo, and the computer world. We hope it will help you use our products more efficiently and easily. We also hope it will help our customers get to know us.

If you aren't already on our email list and would like to be, please click here.


April 2012
Excellware releases Dynaweb 11! 

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Dynaweb 11 makes it even easier for your customers to access Dynamo.  The configuration and login process has been simplified.  Any customer contact with an email address can login and...

  • View & Print copies of any invoice
  • View & Print a Statement of Account
  • Track shipments
  • View Qutoes & Order History
  • View all Serialized Item Purchases
  • and more.


September 2011
Excellware Now an Authorized Google Apps for Business Reseller 

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Excellware can now assist your company take advantage of Google Mail, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Drawings, Sites, and more. We transitioned internally to Google Apps for Business earlier this year and are now providing implementation, data migration, training, and support services.

Ask Excellware how to you can save time & money with Google Apps for Business!


August 2011
Excellware releases Dynafax!

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Priority Support Customers can now fax purchase orders, quotations, sales order acknowledgements, copies of invoices, statements of account, and more, right from Dynamo without any third-party software, without a fax modem, even without a phone line.

There is no charge for local or long distance fax calls to the United States and Canada and of course the software is free to all Priority Support customers!


July 2011
Excellware Releases Dynastore! 

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Dynamo now automatically archives all reports printed in pdf format to the cloud. You no longer need to save a printed report in paper form, or on your workstation, or on the Dynamo server. You don't need to worry about disc or backup tape capacity. The reports are securely stored redundantly and easily accessible to authorized users right from the Dynamo menu.

Dynastore is free with no storage charges through August 2012, so give Dynastore a test drive today!


June 2011
Excellware Releases Dynastart! 

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Dynamo can now be launched using only a web browser without requiring any pre-installed software on a PC, Mac, or Linux workstation other than Java.  In wide screen mode, Dynamo now supports even more rows and columns to further reduce the number of keystrokes required to find that item, customer, vendor, or order.

Simplify your Dynamo deployment and save money with Dynastart!


February 2011
Excellware Adds PCI-Compliant Credit Card Processing!

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Excellware releases new integrated fully Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant credit card processing within Dynamo.  Process credit card payments in seconds using magnetic stripe readers or manually entering cardholder information.

Improve your customer checkout experience with Dynamo fully integrated credit card processing!


January 2011
Excellware releses Dynamo 11!

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Fully re-designed Sales Order Processing & Point-of-Sale applications that are even easier to use, more flexible, and quicker to get at the information you need.